You are about to embark on an adventure, the likes of which you have never imagined.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chapter One

October 18th, 1888, Royal Polytechnic Institute, West End, London

Through the double doors, the half-full lecture hall hummed with oscillating waves of human syntax and grammar. A tall, lanky man in a tailored suit entered from a side door and the hum faded into silence as he approached the podium.

“Good afternoon,” he said with a Slavic accent. He absently brushed a hand across his neatly trimmed mustacheThe dark brown of his hair was offset by the intense blue of his eyes, which looked eagerly around the room. “Thank you all for coming. As you all know—I assume, since you are, after all, here—I am here in an effort to introduce wireless energy transfer to the Greater London area.”

He was interrupted by a young woman entering the hall. She wore a loose black skirt, from under which heavy black boots made their presence known. Her auburn hair was twisted back in a bun, save for a few escaped strands which hung in front of her ears, just brushing the collar of her grey blouse. She pulled a silver pocket watch from a pocket in the burgundy corset around her midsection. Glancing at the time, she sheepishly looked up at the podium.

“Sorry,” she said quietly, as she brushed the loose hair behind her ears and took an empty seat on the aisle in the fourth row.

A Matter of Time -- Teaser

A story is about to unfold. The lives of several people, in a past that never existed, will be changed forever. Time can be rewritten. The past and future will collide in a spark of electricity and a cloud of steam. It is only A Matter of Time.

A cast of characters comes out of history and literature, thrown together by repercussions of the science they hold so dear.

  • Nikola Tesla, scientist, inventor and master of electricity.
  • Alice Hartdegan, Newtonian physicist and connoisseur of time and space.
  • Dr. Henry Jekyll, surgeon and biological scientist.
  • Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and observer extraordinaire. 

These four unite under one common goal: to end the murderous rampage of the mysterious man history has come to know as Jack the Ripper.