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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Matter of Time -- Teaser

A story is about to unfold. The lives of several people, in a past that never existed, will be changed forever. Time can be rewritten. The past and future will collide in a spark of electricity and a cloud of steam. It is only A Matter of Time.

A cast of characters comes out of history and literature, thrown together by repercussions of the science they hold so dear.

  • Nikola Tesla, scientist, inventor and master of electricity.
  • Alice Hartdegan, Newtonian physicist and connoisseur of time and space.
  • Dr. Henry Jekyll, surgeon and biological scientist.
  • Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective and observer extraordinaire. 

These four unite under one common goal: to end the murderous rampage of the mysterious man history has come to know as Jack the Ripper.

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